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The Lowertown Group St. Paul, MN 651-765-0000
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Updates & Events

New Touch Screen Building Directory System

Delta Airlines Sales Summit Atlanta GA 2013
Touc screen video wall

  • Our clients are our most important assets

  • Our staff is diverse and talented and we brag to their mothers often

  • Our pride is in creating the perfect balance of art and functionality

About The Lowertown Group

Lowertown is an area of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, where the artist community is thriving. Our deep ties to the area, as well as the positive energy that surrounds this area, made this the perfect location to start our company.

Park Square Court Lowertown St. Paul MNThe LTG team of owners are creative, high-energy people, that have years of experience in digital media production. In our vast experiences, we have found that the greatest challenge of the industry is creating the perfect blend in communicating art, as well as technology. We came together out of our desire to create a talented team that addresses, and can accomplish these challenges.

We at LTG know that you, the consumer of media, marketing, technology, and combinations there within, will be best suited with our team.

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