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New Touch Screen Building Directory System

Delta Airlines Sales Summit Atlanta GA 2013
Touc screen video wall

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Touch Screen Building Directory

LTG's touch screen directory system is unique in its ability to allow you to utilize screen space when it's not in use.

  • Touch Screen Features
  • Sort the Directory by Floor
  • Sort the Directory by Company Name
  • Sort the Directory by the first letter in the Company Name
  • Company Detail Page

The Building Directory Administration is a secured, web based application that allows you to add, edit and delete tenants from the Touch Screen Building Directory. You can also designate a tenant as inactive. This will prevent them from showing up on the touch screen directory but allows you to keep their data in the system.

The Message administration for the touch screen building directory is powered by and allows simple robust signage control. You can create, upload, edit and delete messages from the system using's secure online portal.

Touch screen directory

Demonstration video of the touch screen interface

Custom Designed Touch Screen Building Directory System Examples

When it comes to custom design there is no limit to what we can accomplish using the latest in technology and innovative 3D design tools.

MPLS Mart K Hovanian Chaska K Hovanian Chanhasen
buiding directory System at MPLS Mart
Dual screen touch directory system designed to give a large portrait system for a much lower price that a lager single touch screen mounted vertically.
Custom Directory System at K Hovanian Chaska
Utilizing expert fixture craftsmen we created 2 unique systems for K Hovanian that reflect their commitment to being a high-end home provider. The directory systems also feature the latest in large format multi-touch monitors
directory system K Hovanian Chanhasen

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