Digital Signage in the Retail Industry

Digital signage has many applications in the retail industry. Texture, POP, direct to customer and directional are just a few of the many areas that digital signage can be used. POP is the most obvious area and a proven player. Statistics indicate that POP signage can increase impulse purchases by as much as 70%. With numbers like that it’s a no-brainer to implement retail POP signage. Digital signage allows you to change messages instantly instead of waiting for print.

Direct to customer signage lets you put up brand advertising in your store. This is a revenue generating space that is far more effective than posters. Posters cannot move or talk and they can only deliver one message.

Guidance signage is a great way to guide customers to what they are looking for and is much more useful than a standard map. Perhaps you would like a mapping system that changes as you change products or layout.