The LTG Website Design Process

The website design process at the Lowertown group has been created to get you (our Client) from concept to implementation, as quickly as possible. LTG prides itself on a strong discovery process, as well as concise and clear communication, so that we can create your dream website the first time around!

Website Design Discovery

Gathering pre-existing materials such as logos, brochures and other marketing/informational materials. Going through the positive and negative aspects of your existing website design. Getting some of your peers or competitors websites. Gathering some of your favorite websites.

Creating a User map

Creating a User map A use map is a basic flow chart of the website navigation. It shows the pages on the website and the paths in which one gets to and from each page.

Website Design Concepts

In the website design concept step, we come up with three concepts for your website design. The concepts are based on our research into your business, brand identity, your competition and the industry you are in.

Review & Revision

After the website design concepts are done, you will review the concepts and give feedback on what you like, dislike, what's working and what isn't. This step in the website design process allows us to revise the concepts and come up with something that really works for you, represents your industry, and stands out and gives ownership to your brand.


The programming portion of the website design process is where we transform your concept into a functioning website. It includes such things as creation of flash elements multistate JavaScript buttons and dropdown menus, graphic optimization and programming tweaks for the shell of the site. We will also be inserting the code for your Site Manager, Google maps, calendar, e-commerce system or custom applications that have been designed for your company.

Content Insertion

We will do the initial content layout for your informational pages such as about us, home page, news, contact, etc... This makes it easier for you to edit the pages in the future as you have a working template in front of you when making edits.