Traditional Design Elements

LTG values traditional design education. We strongly
believe you should not let a programer do your design.

design element line


The experienced photographer uses lines in composition to focus attention on the main interest of the design. The technique of looking for converging lines in a scene is to become one with your surroundings. E.g., the way a road winds into the distance down the coast and makes parallel converging lines with the edges of the beach, surf, walkway, and trees. A skilled photographer may use this to create a focal point on a model to literally guide the viewer's eyes to the model. The use of line can be an important part of website design as well. The difference is the website designer is given a pile of elements and is tasked with creating the composition from scratch. So as the designer starts to create, they may create lines that focus the viewer's eyes as well.


design element shape


When you add lines, curve lines, cross, and fill lines — you get shapes. Shapes can also be created by color. A shape can be positive or negative. When an object is placed on a page, the object is the positive space and the space around the object would be the negative space. Shapes create recognition, familiarity, and meaning. Some shapes are so recognizable that we know their meaning simply by their shape.



design element shape


In website design, form is three dimensional objects, or two dimensional objects giving the apperance of objects as three dimensional.


design element shape


In website design, color is essential. Color can create a mood, induce a feeling, trigger a memory, or entice an emotion. There are theories on color, and we take color very seriously when we start the website design process. Color is probably one of the most important elements in website design. Color is the first thing you notice when you open a page, so it is important that those colors represent the pages brand and identity correctly. E.g., Coca-cola® would never use blue in their color scheme.