About LTG

Lowertown is an area of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, where the artist community is thriving. Our deep ties to the area, as well as the positive energy that surrounds this area, made this the perfect location to start our company.

The LTG team of owners are creative, high-energy people, that have years of experience in digital media production. In our vast experiences, we have found that the greatest challenge of the industry is creating the perfect blend in communicating art, as well as technology. We came together out of our desire to create a talented team that addresses, and can accomplish these challenges.

We at LTG know that you, the consumer of media, marketing, technology, and combinations there within, will be best suited with our team.

The Team


Project Management
Primary Client Contact

Patrick is driven by creativity and a desire to serve the client. He has been working with digital media, marketing, application development and web design for over 14 years. Patrick has experience working with websites, film/video, applications, multimedia and various hybrids of these different media. As the founder and owner of the LTG, Patrick invests himself fully into every project and client he works with.


Business Development
Project Management
Client Outreach

Tor has extensive experience regarding product roll-outs, on both local and national scales. He is active in project management and client relations. He also is notably skilled in combining both the design and manufacturing/production aspects of projects to ensure quick and efficient results.


Database Integration
Testing and Debugging

Noah is one of our primary programmers and is largely responsible for application development. Specifically he is active with many of the applications used on a daily basis to enhance client websites. Noah can code in many languages including Java, Java script, ColdFusion, Flex, XML, ActiveX and several others. His turn-around time on projects is also notable.


Database Integration

Jess has been working with the LTG for several years. He has been able to implement solutions to optimize and streamline our applications. Jess is an important part of team working with clients to give them ways of easily navigating large amounts of data.



Tatyana has been a design asset of LTG for 8 years and has added flare and intuition to the team. She is trained in fine art, commercial and cross device design.