Touch Screen Kiosk

LTG has been creating touch screen kiosks since we opened the doors on March 15, 2006. Our approach to touch screen kiosk development is to combine the highest level of professional design with limitless technology options. LTG is changing the stand-alone nature of the touch screen kiosk by developing tools which allow our clients to add, edit and delete content from any internet connected computer. LTG has also added live data to our touch screen designs by allowing RSS news feeds, weather and television to be displayed. Multiple screen displays are also a specialty we pride ourselves in creating for our clients. By using one touch screen for interactivity and a second screen for the display of information, this successful LTG design provides additional attraction for client services. Let us do a proposal for your project and we will use our experience to make sure you have all the options you need for a successful touch screen kiosk.

Touch Screen Kiosk Types

LTG has expertise in designing many types of custom kiosks. If you are looking to implement a system for your customers or a time saving tool for your business we are here to help. While we have experience dealing with the many standard touch screen hardware, we are in no way limited by it.